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A Few Clients of Twelve Tribe...


After nearly 50 years of engineering the best ski equipment, Völkl took their advanced knowledge of ski engineering to introduce tennis racquets. The Zebra racquet was not only Völkl's first racquet, but also one of the earliest composite tennis racquets made...

Carolyn Costin Institute

A spirited, engaging individual, Carolyn is a renowned clinician, author, and speaker acclaimed for her expertise, passion and accomplishments in the eating disorder field.



Decades of television broadcasting, actual journalism and a failed spelling bee.

BEOND.TV is everything that traditional television, isn’t. Everything you want it to be, it is.

Broadcasting veterans who discover emerging content creators and curate fellow journalists to make magic on a video platform with no bias and no interference.

Soul Full Collective

After years of working in treatment and being a member of a multi-disciplinary team, I craved that same synergy in private practice. Being an outpatient therapist is incredibly rewarding but misses the collaboration and connectivity of the team approach.

Green Succulent Plant

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